The Business Takeover

The 8 Week Transformation | taught by Amy Fraughton

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Course description

Give me 8 weeks and watch your business have a complete and full transition! We will provide everything you need to take your business from Point A to Point B where you are fully profitable!

Stay with me it's going to be great!

Amy Fraughton
Amy Fraughton

Course Curriculum

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Module 1 - Mind Matters
Module 1 Overview and Checklist
7 Steps to Master Your Mindset for Success
Daily Exercise for Major Breakthroughs!
Life Changing Mission Statement
Overcoming Fear and Discouragement
Marketing: Set up your Google My Business listing
Marketing: Friends Email List and Mailchimp, Email Signature
Marketing: Get your first bookings now!
Time Management
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Module 2 - Photography Skills
Module 2 Overview and Checklist
Your Photography Critique
Shoot For The Client
Self Development
Your Marketing Plan!
Phenom Booking Script - Convert more inquiries
Marketing: FB and IG Followers, and your Vendor List,
Marketing: Gaining Emails Through Online Galleries
Quick Tip - Organizing Your Clients and Workflow
Bonus Training - Speed Editing in Lightroom with Casey
Bonus Training - Client Questionnaire
Bonus Training - Yelp Listings for your Business
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Module 3 - Pricing and Packages
Module 3 Overview and Checklist
Pricing Strategies For Success
How to Set Up Your Pricing and Packages with our Tools
Portrait Price Sheets and Cost and Profit Reports
Dialogue to tell clients you are raising your prices and selling prints.
How to do an In Person Sales Session
How to get Great Online Sales
Bonus Training - Know Your Worth and Ask For It!
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Module 4 - Website and Logo
Module 4 Overview and Checklist
Logo Training
Must-Have Marketing on Your Site
Pricing page
Connecting the Contact Me page to Mailchimp
About Me and The Experience pages
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Module 5 - Email Marketing
Module 5 Overview and Checklist
Email Marketing Re-Cap
Case Study for Email Marketing/Newsletters = Amy P Photography
Email Series
MailChimp Tutorial for Newsletters
Super Signatures
9 Word Magic Email
Mailchimp Tips and Troubleshooting
Bonus: Newsletter Articles and Images for You
Bonus Training: Must Use Tips and Subject Lines
Bonus Training: The Best and Easiest Content Ever!
Bonus Training: Contest Ideas
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Module 6 - Facebook Ads Traffic
Module 6 Overview and Checklist
Facebook Pixel
How to Set-Up Facebook Ads
FB Ads Photo Selection, Placement, Targeting, and Editing
FB ADS: Massive Bookings Ad
FB Ads Check Up - do this before going live
FB ADS: Special Deals Ads
FB Ads Performance Reports
How To Scale
FB Ads to Build Emails
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Module 7 - Organic Traffic
Module 7 Overview and Checklist
Keeping Customers for Life - 2 MUST DO TIPS
Lead Optimization
List Building Ideas - Organically
Dialogues for Building Local Partners
How to Gather Emails at an Event
Example of Working with a Charity Event
Example of Working with Local Businesses to do Shout for Shouts
Fishbowl Drawings
Building Relationships with Locals
Bridal Shops Customer Appreciation Days
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Module 8 - Develop Your 12-Month Marketing Plan
How to Set Up Your 12-Month Marketing Plan
Monthly Calendar
Three Month Detailed Strategy
12 Month Marketing Plan
How to Make a $100K - $150K in Your Photog Business or More!
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Resources Area
9 Word Magic Email
Fishbowl Drawings
Article: Three Secret Tips to Looking Slimmer in Photos
Building Customers for Life and Referrals Audio
Printable - Be Yourself
Marketing Magazine - The Guide
Streamlining your tasks
Weekly Master Schedule with sample
Basic Agreement
Wedding Contract
Mailchimp Tutorial for Newsletters
Gift Certificates
Newsletter: Must Use Tips and Subject Lines
What to Wear Style Guide
Money Management
Getting Emails from Events
Keepsake Albums by Kristen
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